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The Best Time of Year to Fly Hot Air Balloons in Oklahoma

Navigating Oklahoma Weather from a Bird’s Eye View

Oklahoma weather… Hot. Windy. Stormy. Unpredictable.

If you’re local to Oklahoma or have heard much about our weather (see the classic movie Twister), you know our weather can be complicated to say the least. That being said, if you’re planning a hot air balloon ride, you likely want to create the best experience possible – as you should! Lucky for you, we at Visionary Balloonworx are here to answer one of the hot air balloon industry’s hottest questions…

When is the best time to fly a hot air balloon?

Simply put, year round.

Yep! We’ll take you out for summer sunsets or over the winter snow. Each season brings its own beauty to be seen from the sky; it’s up to you to decide when you want to fly!

However, we’ll be honest – we have had to reschedule flights due to inclement weather and extreme winds. We want your flight to be as safe and exciting as possible, and we don’t want to be thousands of feet in the air when a storm hits.

At the same time, we fly incredible flights throughout the year because Oklahoma is blessed with rather warm temps year round. But, even if it is cold, bundle up and we’ll take you up! We will always communicate with you if a ride needs to be rescheduled.

Should I fly at sunrise, midday, or sunset?

With the Oklahoma heat, we typically recommend you fly at sunrise or sunset. While the winter offers more time of day flexibility, dawn or dusk are when you can expect to fly. Plus, you can’t beat those Oklahoma sunsets.

Schedule Your Oklahoma Hot Air Balloon Ride With Visionary Balloonworx

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Oklahoma, we would love to take you for a ride over the Oklahoma plains and cities. It’s the best way to see our beautiful state from a new perspective. 

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the experience. Our goal is to make your flight fun, exciting, safe, and memorable.

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