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Frequently Asked Questions

Ballooning is a bucket list experience that comes with a lot of questions like is it safe? Can I bring a friend? We’re here to answer them all.

Yes! Our pilots train above the national requirement to ensure your safety. All of our pilots have held second class medicals for many years.

This depends on the flight, but typically around 1,000 to 3,000 ft in the air.

When we do go a couple thousand ft in the air, we’re typically there for 15-20 minutes. The total ride is around an hour long.

You certainly aren’t alone! We don’t have to go super high. And we will always descend if you get too uncomfortable. We will say that most people overcome their fear when they see the incredible view!

We do encourage our riders to come watch and see the process for themselves. You do need to book your ride, but before we go 1,000+ ft in the air, we can do a brief tethered ride about 20-30 ft up to give you a taste.

Well, it’s peaceful and thrilling. It’s incredibly serene that high up in the sky, looking down on the city, forests or plains. But, it’s unlike anything else and has an element of thrill just flying in a balloon.

Every ride is different! If you’re in Oklahoma City, you’re more likely to see downtown and surrounding urban areas. However, you could also see the plains and trees! In Broken Bow, you’ll see more nature and the local small towns.

You can fly leisurely or at festivals, become a teacher, pilot commercial rides and of course, share the gift! To become a commercial pilot, you do need more comprehensive education.

We are happy to reschedule your flight! We just ask that you please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

As usual! Book your location and date. Just let us know what the occasion is and if we should expect anything special. Just know that we will need to reschedule if the weather is bad.

All flight bookings are valid for a full year. If you “no-show,” your flight will not be refunded. Please reschedule prior to your flight if you need!

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