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Pilot Training Program

Reach for the Clouds

If you learn to fly here, you can fly anywhere!

Become a Balloon Pilot

Dreaming of forging your own way among the clouds? Enroll in our hot air balloon pilot training program. Oklahoma is one of the best places to earn your pilot certification due to its variety in weather and terrain. If you train here, you’ll find that you can fly anywhere!

Our Pilot Program

We go above and beyond with our student pilots.

As a balloon pilot, you are putting the lives of others in your hands, but also giving them one of the coolest experiences. We encourage our students to complete more training hours than the national requirement. It ensures you’re confident and capable of making memories among the clouds!

Program Schedule:

  1. Apply for and receive a student certificate
  2. Begin ground school online (self-paced, 1-2 weeks)
  3. Begin flight instruction (12-20 hours)
  4. Pass written exam
  5. Receive endorsement to solo and practice skills (20 hours)
  6. Pass oral exam (3-4 hours)
  7. Complete a check-ride
  8. Celebrate becoming a pilot!


Start Sailing the Skies

Step 1

Apply for Student Certificate

Once you apply for and receive your student certificate, you can begin training.

Step 2

Your Training

Enroll in our program. Your education is online and you can break up your training if needed.

Step 3

Celebrate Becoming
a Pilot

Celebrate your accomplishment, and take a ride in the skies!

Training with Visionary Balloonworx

Training in Oklahoma is unlike anywhere else.

Not only do we surpass the national requirement for training hours, but we also ensure you have experience with a variety of techniques and weather. We conquer high-wind landings. We fly over construction sites. You’ll see countrysides and cityscapes. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll see it all in Oklahoma! After leaving our pilot training program, you’ll be able to conquer skies across the nation.

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